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Reseller Plan

If  you are looking for an opportunity to make money with world of IPTV. Simply, you can go ahead and make the decision to become an IPTV reseller. It is one of the most outstanding methods to make a decent income. The best thing about working as an IPTV reseller is that you will get paid in dollars. Hence, you can receive numerous benefits for the time and effort that you spend.

If you can find the right audience and promote the IPTV plans, you can get a great income within a short period of time. In addition, at world of iptv, we offer great features and facilities to our resellers.


Powerful control panel system 
easy for use to manage your  clients
(xtream and active code panel are availale)
- Add private DNS(portal URL) for all sellers.
 - 24 hours free iptv test allowed.
 - All packages are selectable and editable, users can easily find their channels without searching in thousands of channels.*
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Strongest 24 hours technical support 
- Real-time monitoring channel broadcast.
- High stable CMS Control panel.
- Automatic code active system.
- High response result Api.